Monday, 14 January 2013

Herbert Spencer on Organisations:

'On the subject of charity Andrew Carnegie's actions diverged in the most significant and complex manner from Herbert Spencer's philosophies. In his 1854 essay Manners and Fashion, Spencer referred to public education as “Old schemes”. He went on to declare that public schools and colleges, fill the heads of students with inept useless knowledge, which excludes useful knowledge. Spencer stated that he trusted no organization of any kind, “political, religious, literary, philanthropic”, and believed that as they expanded in influence so too did its regulations expand. In addition Spencer thought that as all institutions grow they become evermore corrupted by the influence of power and money. The institution eventually loses its “original spirit, and sinks into a lifeless mechanism”.[61]'

A thing exists as long as it wants to exist. 
If an organisation wants to no longer exist, then it wont.
If people want to do something other than what the original intention of the organisation was, they they will do it.
If people are not allowed to do their will and are instead forced/coerced into supplying/sustaining the organisation then they will become schizoid (see RD Lang on Schizoid and Schizophrenia), and then will perpetuate illness instead of goodness.
An organisation is allowed to exist because it serves a purpose; a body is allowed to exist because it serves a purpose; a body is a group of cells working together under common leadership; an organisation is a group of people working together under common leadership (towards a common goal/for a common intention).


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