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Weininger on PUAs and Women:

[Weininger's 'Sex and Character' is available as a pdf document: http://www.theabsolute.net/ottow/schareng.pdf
PUAs Let Women Define their Vision of Masculinity:
Masculine chastity is laughed at, and the feeling that woman is the evil influence in
man's life is no longer understood, and men are not ashamed of their own lust.

It is now apparent from where this demand for “seeing life,” the Dionysian view of
the music-hall, the cult of Goethe in so far as he follows Ovid, and this quite modern
“coitus-cult” comes. There is no doubt that the movement is so widespread that very
few men have the courage to acknowledge their chastity, preferring to pretend that
they are regular Don Juans. Sexual excess is held to be the most desirable
characteristic of a man of the world, and sexuality has attained such pre-eminence
that a man is doubted unless he can, as it were, show proofs of his prowess. Chastity,
on the other hand, is so despised that many a really pure lad attempts to appear blas,
rou,. It is even true that those who are modest are ashamed of the feeling; but there is
another, the modern form of shame - not the eroticist's shame, but the shame of the
woman who has no lover, who has not received appraisement from the opposite sex.
Hence it comes that men make it their business to tell each other what a right and
proper pleasure they take in “doing their duty” by the opposite sex. And women are
careful to let it be known that only what is "manly" in man can appeal to them: and
man takes their measure of his manliness and makes it his own. Man's qualification as
a male have, in fact, become identical with his value with women, in women’s eyes.
But God forbid that it should be so; that would mean that there are no longer any
pp 203 {220 pdf version}

[Emphasis added]
The last piece of emphasised text is apparent in the unceasing demand by women for men to be one thing, and then not be that thing. e.g. to be in touch with their feminine side (metro sexual) one decade, and then hurl shame at them at tell them to 'man up' the following decade.

Women are Sexual Creatures:
Woman is able, in a quite
extraordinary way, to produce the impression that she herself is really non-sexual, and
that her sexuality is only a concession to man. But be that as it may, at the present
time men have almost allowed themselves to be persuaded by woman that their
strongest and most markedly characteristic desire lies in sexuality, that it is only
through woman that they can hope to satisfy their truest and best ambitions, and that
chastity is an unnatural and impossible state for them. How often it happens that
young men who are wrapped up in their work are told by women to whom they
appeal and who would prefer to have them paying them attention, or even as sons-in-law,
that “they ought not to work too hard,” that they ought to “enjoy life.”
pp 202 {219 pdf}

[Emphasis added]
A few years ago it was very much in vogue to say that all men think about is sex, and that such and such survey has proved that men think about sex every six seconds.  Thus contributing to the lie that men are totally sexual and women only partly.  In truth, it is the other way around.  That is why a women will commonly interpret any minor body contact, even incidental, as some kind of sexual advance.

More on Don Juans:
[A] woman wants the man with most experience and sensuality, not virtue. Woman has
no comprehension of paragons. On the contrary, it is well known that a woman is
most ready to fly to the arms of the man with the widest reputation for being a Don
pp 204 {221 pdf}

Why Women Prefer PUAs over Betas:
Woman requires man to be sexual, because she only gains existence through his
sexuality. Women have no sense of a man’s love, as a superior phenomenon, they
only perceive that side of him which unceasingly desires and appropriates the object
of his affections, and men who have none or very little of the instinct of brutality
developed in them have no influence on them.

As for the higher, platonic love of man, they do not want it; it flatters and pleases
them, but it has no significance for them, and if the homage on bended knees lasts too
pp 204 - 205 {221 - 222 pdf}

Women, the Sex Act and Domination:
In coitus lies woman's greatest humiliation, in love her supremest exaltation. Since
woman desires coitus and not love, she proves that she wishes to be humiliated and
not worshipped.
pp 205 {222 pdf}

How to be in a Successful Relationship with a Woman::
If he is going to treat her as she wishes, he must have intercourse with her, for she
desires it; he must beat her, for she likes to be hurt; he must hypnotise her, since she
wishes to be hypnotised; he must prove to her by his attentions how little he thinks of
himself, for she likes compliments, and has no desire to be respected for herself.
pp 206 {223 pdf}

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