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Gaucher's Disease:

Gauchers Disease (according to the IBM World Book 2000 article on the disease) may have something to do with genetic stagnation, as it is found in certain populations who have not altered/developed (for want of better words).  For instance the Northern Swedes (Type 3 of the disease) - who may have not moved from that location for some time, and Central and Eastern European Jews (Type 1 of the disease) - who have a high degree of genetic uniformity.  This is not to imply to remedy the situation the races need to interbreed with other races, simply that the variety from 'within' the group has remained stagnant over time.  Ergo, why the Southern Swedes don't suffer, nor the Yemeni Jews, because their has been variety over time 'within' the group.  Though how this variation comes about, I don't know.  Possibly some kind of polygamy (either polygamy or polyandry), or possibly oscillation between polygamy and monogamy over time from within the group.  The only analogy I can think of is to equate the subsets of the group as colours (cans of paint if you like), and if all of the colours are allowed to merge together over time, they would become a uniform colour, with no variety, i.e. grayish (a morose shade of grey).  Thus allowing one particular colour (one particular genetic lineage from 'within' the group) to dominate for 'only' a few generations, and then allowing another colour (subset) to dominate/proliferate a few generations later, then the colour scheme continues to change, continues to stay fresh.  Thus there is no stagnation, no grayish amorphous colourless blandness.  Thus there is variety and not stagnation i.e. death.  Ergo no Gauchers Disease.  It's just a theory anyway. I haven't read any on line data about it yet.  And yes, it 'may' come about that the rest of us are just operating on a longer time frame, i.e. we are all succumbing to ever increasing blandness, a kind of Gaucher's Disease.  This blandness could be equated to the outcome of entropy, i.e. the degradation of states of matter/energy from ordered to disordered states.  Though by saying that we also have to acknowledge that we do exist, which means that entropy is not the dominant force in the cosmos, that there 'is' newness in the cosmos, and therefore we are not destined for entropy so long as there is a positively creative force at work.

Perhaps the disease is caused by the particular group focussing too much on a particular character trait, for example the Northern Swedes suffer from Type 3, which affects the muscles and the mind, which are male traits.  Whereas the Jews are affected by Type 1, which affects the bones and blood (women are more susceptible to bone related diseases e.g. osteoporosis), which are female traits.  Again, this is not stigmatising either or any racial group, simply identifying the dominant character type in each.  In the context of the diseases, a useful analogy would be to think of what happens when you keep repeating a particular phrase, or writing a specific sentence: after a while the phrase or the sentence ends up becoming a blur, a meaningless blur.  Why?  Because there is no contrast between elements.  Contrast is essential to be able to identify a thing.  Or perhaps instead of being about too much focus by the ethnic group, its about contact with other contrasting groups.  For instance the Eastern and Central European Jews were confined to the Ghetto (ignoring the debate about self imposed or externally imposed Ghettoism), thus had little contact with the the masculine host.  Likewise the Northern Swedes were isolated from a feminine element.  The result for both of these groups was that they had no contrast which was, is, essential for maintaining a sense of self.  An ability to identify ones-self by means of contrast with another.

Furthermore, it is only possible for male-female pairings to exist in a similar time frame, e.g. a man living in Kansas City the 1950s could not breed with a women living in Reval in 1300's.  Both pairings must exist within a similar time and space.  Which means that there are racial pairings, couplings.  They may well be traceable on the Haplogroup maps, or possibly by simpler means of ethnicities, e.g. the Central and Eastern European Jews (aka the Ashkenazim) are the female (urban, merchants) mate for the Arabs, who are male (nomadic, warriors).  This kind of pairing is written about in some of the mythologies of the world, which paired up an urban/merchant type with a country/warrior type e.g. Castor-Pollux.  Though, of course the human race (as a whole) is more complex than a simple male-female binarity (sic?), because each of the male and female character traits can be elaborated and developed, which in turn allows for more permutations as there are more possible combinations of male and female traits each successive generation. i.e. more variety means more varied subsets than the last generation (assuming that each of the male and female subsets reproduce at equal rates).

[This entry was formerly a footnote to the article 'Brainwave Frequencies' as it dealt with the need for newness, or at least contrast, between mental states (single mindedness and self awareness).]

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