Friday, 19 October 2012

Flesh Easters:

'[..]Euripides and Fimicus who refer to this ancient Cretan Dionysus, who is none other than Zeus-Zagreus and whose mystic followers communicated with him by eating the raw flesh of a bull.'

Source: Alain Danielou, Gods of Love and Ecstasy: The Traditions of Shiva and Dionysus, Inner Traditions, Rochester, Vermont 1992 {also published under the title Shiva and Dionysus} Translated from the French by East-West Publications.

Flesh eating: eating the still living or very recently killed muscle, fat, and blood of an animal.  An animal, like a human, experience emotions.  These emotions correlate with specific hormone production (hormones are chemical messengers).  If you consume a particular hormone, e.g. adrenaline, then you will experience a similar emotion that correlates with it, in the case adrenaline you will experience fear or anger.  Thus 'flesh eating' as a means of communicating with gods is understandable, so long as you recognise the gods are of the noosphere and not the phusis sphere.  (If needs be, think of them as Jungian psychical/mental archetypes).  The various pantheons, Norse, Greek, Hindu share a common lineage, as do the Biblical angels, whose stories Schopenhauer pointed out are similar to the Indo-European stories of the Gods. 

The gods are of the mind (noosphere), the titans/giants are of the body (phusis sphere), including all abiogical and biological things throughout the cosmos.

In modern times flesh eating (as a means of obtaining particular hormones from the blood and flesh) is tyrannical to the creature (because you are showing it no respect and are exerting your will on it totally) and totally unnecessary, as the technology and know-how are available to those who want to know how to obtain hormones, be they synthetic or natural.  Not only that, but you are guaranteed results with synthetic hormones, whereas inducing them from an animal is a highly uncertain.  For these reasons, consuming hormones, or hormone inducing drugs, given the right mental state of mind and some kind of training or preparation, should theoretically give you the ability to communicate with the gods.

Finally, the gods are mental states only, cogniscence/self awareness does not come with them, that is dependent on the individual.  Thus you need to both entertain the God in your own mind as well as being aware of the thoughts, feelings and sensations you are experiencing.  The more rapid, quicker, the movement you make between experiencing/communicating with the Gods and having cogniscence/self-awareness, the higher your brain activity ought to be, i.e. should you be able to check your brainwaves on an EEG, they should, I believe, be considerably faster than someone who is in a trance state/meditating.

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