Thursday, 25 October 2012

Chiron, Centaur:

Chiron is the mythological horseman of northern Greece.
Horse riders, horse tribes or those who live, effectively, on horseback are centaurs.

A centaur is a man who effectively becomes wedded to the horse that he rides, because all he does is travel the world on the horses back, thus making his legs redundant because he never uses them, and instead uses the horses legs to travel.  He still has a mans mind, a mans way of thinking, but it has been changed because his former method of traversing the world (his own legs) has been replaced by something considerably more mobile.  This increased mobility alters his way of being, and hence his way of traversing the physical and mental plains.

Rowdy, rambunctious, lively, cavalier, roaming, travelling, raiding, marauding hordes of horses/men/horsemen, tribal horsemen: this is an expression of the horse (horse will, horse choice, horse way of living).
That is why the horse-men have bodies of horses and heads of men, rather than Egyptian heads of animals on bodies of men, which show the character of the man/god e.g. the Jackel head is a man with the character of a Jackel.

People who ride atop of other things (be they horses, motorbikes or whatever) are different in nature to those who ride inside other things, such as a car.  This is because the person riding atop of the horse/vehicle is exposed, and thus more male than one who rides inside another vehicle who would be covered (which is female).  This difference between the two (riding atop versus riding inside) may explain why people in cars suffer from 'road rage' whilst those riding atop of motorbikes do not.

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