Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Start of Life:

Biological life appears to start as a single round cell penetrated by a single linear cell (unless its asexual, then its partitioned by the linear aspect of itself), then divided by two again and again and again.

The division is a division and not actually grow of one part out of another, which means that the cell has latent options (in this case the minimum number of options, two) contained within it.  This latency would amount to nothing were it not for the wilful, choosing aspect (either from outside, sexed cells, or from within, asexual).  Options without choice/will amount to nothing.

Meister Johannes Eckhart may, may, (I'm not entirely sure of this, there are other matters to consider, such as newness and change which is required for contrast and thus understanding) have made a mistake when he said that God was always in repose within himself, i.e. forever changing.  It could be that he saw Options and Choice, but failed to isolate, discern one from the other.  Options are two, and forever changing but never amount to anything; Choice is singular, never changing, and needs something to exert itself on.  Thus Choice may choose different Options each time it exerts itself, which is what Eckhart saw, i.e. continual difference.  Or possibly he saw Options, but did not see Will, which is required for the cosmos to exist (Options without Choice is pure Chaos, see my entry on Chaos).

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