Sunday, 23 September 2012

Reciprocation Loops:

Reciprocation Loop (could also be described as a circle, or cycle.)

Too much one directional giving (i.e. giving and not receiving) causes stresses/fractures in the circle of reciprocity.  A circle of reciprocity is a chain of giving that begins at one person, travels through several others, and finally returns to the beginning again, thus completing the circle/cycle.  It may be a simple cycle or two people, one who begins the process of giving and the second who reciprocates after receiving the gift by returning one (either the same on, or a different one) in kind.  The process of reciprocation may be productive, in that when one gives to the other, it generates/stimulates some sort of growth in the other person, though how true this is I do not know.  It is possible that it may be related to negentropy (which is the reverse of entropy? i.e. the creation of ordered states and/or energy?), if the cycle/circle of reciprocation is indeed creative (though not in itself, but simply because there are multiple 'active' components in it, i.e. people, who are creative and wilful in their own right).

Giving, giving, giving.

God gives without any conditions.  Thus to be Godly, one should also give without demanding or expecting anything from the other person (commonly called 'conditions').  In theory this means that the perfect act of benevolence (if you want to call it altruistic then you could, but the term strikes me as one that is too emotionally laden, i.e. it has cliched, romantic baggage attached to it) is one that you give to another, but are wholly ignorant of it, totally and utterly ignorant of the good that it will do.  However, as we are human, it may be that we are wanting in terms of vital energies, and thus are (at least sometimes) incapable of constantly giving without expecting something in return, or possibly some types of people are less capable (for whatever reason) of giving without receiving than others.

This cycle of reciprocation may also apply on an economic scale i.e. production, distribution, processing and sale of goods and/or services.  For instance a farmer who is always giving his produce to the townsman but sees nothing of him, nor receives anything in return may become discouraged (for want of a better word, lonely) because he has received little or nothing in return from said townsman, other than cash.  What people produce by their own efforts requires Willfulness on their part; time on their part, literally their life.  Every time you consume or utilise something that another person has produced, you are consuming their time, their effort, their life force (albeit indirectly).

[This entry was inspired by seeing the face of an airline masseuse on a television programme, featuring Richard Hammond, for just a couple of seconds.  She wore a false smile, that seemed to hide a great sadness underneath, some kind of emptiness, like she had been giving massages to strangers for so long and not receiving any affection in return that it had drained her.  It could also have been compounded by the fact that her job was to continually smile and show affection to strangers all the time, which would have made her feel distanced to any genuine affection, due to the animosity that typically builds up in a person who has a particular set of 'alien' ethics imposed upon them.  In extreme cases it causes either apathy (manifest as schizoid or schizophrenic behaviour -distanced) or rage (manifest as psychopathy or sociopathy].

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