Friday, 21 September 2012

GSOH Required:

GSOH (Good Sense of Humour), a common request by women of potential male partners.

Laugher is an antidote/countermeasure to fear or a fearful situation.  African tribals (on a Ray Mear's or Bruce Parry television programme) who smiled and laughed almost compulsively said (paraphrasing) that they did it because they had to have a positive mental attitude to be able to get through the day.  "What's the good of going around duur and glum making out like you wont have a good day?  If you have that kind of attitude, then how are you going to be successful on the hunt?  How are you going to be able to cope with the threats and dangers of the savannah?"  Which is of course true.  Their positio in life is dangerous, is risky, is hanging by a thread, is insecure, so they need to laugh.  It's an antidote to the threats, the harshness the terriblness of it all, that they would otherwise be unable to bare it.  It would become overwhelming.  Thus laughter is an antidote, a countermeasure to this harshness.

Harshness can be experienced in many ways, not just physical threats.  For instance absurdities, say a typographical error on a news television programme that mistranlsated petrol into cattle, and it read something like: '..motorists have been filling up their jerry cans with as much cattle as they can.'  Which ofcourse is absurd.  Just visualise a scene with a motorist laying a jerry/petrol can on its side so that a herd of tiny Highland cattle can walk into it, while an attendant stands idly by, absent mindedly eating a packet of crisps; it's absurd, and afront to reality, because it's so utterly preposterous, and thus highly contradictory to your conceptions of the world (inlcuding, amongst other things, the typical size of cattle, and what they are suaully used for - meat, and what you power your car with -a hydrocarbon).  The incongruency is enough to cause anyone to think twice.

Thus it follows that a woman who wants a man to make her laugh, wants to instill fear into her.  Because laughter is an antidote to fear.  Thus women 'want', 'want' to be dominated by a man to the extent that he instills a low degree of fear into her.  But not to the extent that she is petrified of him, for that would be a higher magnitude of fear.

If you want to see how fear and laughter are related then just look at the expression on someones face (eg the position of the eyebrows, the retraction of the cheek muscles - which causes the mouth to open) when they laugh, and then when they are afraid.  The latter may be difficult to witness, so you may need to watch some television documentaries on chimpanzees if you cannot find any short films or photographs of people in the grips of fear.

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