Saturday, 25 August 2012


'The Vikings created such terror in the hearts of others [..] that a special prayer for protection was offered in the churches: "God, deliver us from the fury of the Northmen." ' (1)

And the heavens opened, and God spoke through the clouds as a white light on a cloudy day: "Oh worshipper, I hear your cry, yet your prayers are in vain; for it is the Northmen who are delivering themselves from you by means of fury.  For it is you who have committed a great injustice against them, and it is they who are justified in their wrath against thee.  Their will not be one stone left unturned nor one house left unsullied until the blood debt has been paid.  They have done well, and have been wronged; it is they who will meet out their own judgement upon those who wrong them.  They alone who will destroy the traitors and deliver them to me for judgement; it is they who will lay waste to the sinning cities, the den of vipers, and all those who have wronged them; and they will be justified in their actions.  The debt must be paid.  The creditor must recieve his due."

(1)  IBM World Book 2000; Vikings.

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