Sunday, 19 August 2012

Duality and Life/Death:

The dualistic/binary state involves a 'life-death' duality, thus death is both 'life and death'.  (Perhaps even the possiblity of either of them exists in the other, ie 'death is life and/or death', as 'life is desth snd/or life'). 

Eros-thanatos (which may be the same as life-death) may also use the same principle i.e. 'eros is eros and/or thanatos', as is 'thantos is eros and/or thanatos'.  Why?  because in dualistic systems, to have one is to have the other.  Therefore if you have life, or death, then it is fundamental that you include the polar opposite.  Thus, if you have life, you must have death; and if you have death, then you must have life.  The two are intetwined.  Inseparable.  Therefore they are fundamentally the same thing.

Life require death to exist, it cannot exist without it;
Death requires life to exist, it cannot exist without it.
Life is death;
Death is life.

Or, maybe:

Life is death and/or life.
Death is life and/or death.

This is what it means to view the cosmos as dualistic.  It's to embrace a world view whereby:
A =/= A
Or alternately,
A =/= A and/or not-A

Which is a world of madness in which no thing could exist.  Nor indeed could it not exist.  That is how insance, chaotic, it is.  It would deny the possibilty of existence.  However, this particular type of existence may well apply to the chaotic realm, where no thing and some thing both exist simultaneously.  Where laws and not laws exist simultaneously.  Where will and not will both exist simultaneously.  This could be a realm where existence is birthed, or possibly where existence moves/grows into, or possibly where existence goes to die.  I don't know.  The chaotic realms are a strange and unworldly place, unfit for man or mind.  Life dwells where life dwells.  Death dwells where death dwells.

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