Monday, 13 August 2012

Debating with Secularists:

Debating with secularists (people who view the world as essentially unchanging, fixed, determined and unalterable) is pointless.  They are unwilling to consider challenging their assumptions, thus will only debate to/for emotional purposes ie for self advancement at the expense of others (e.g. me me me me me).  For example, debating about the merits or not of monetary donations to impoverished people (commonly called, charity).  The accepted premise is that charity is good, because it shows benevolence and kindness, which are unquestioningl accepted defaults.  Thus any debate about such a concept is pointless, and no more than window dressing:
'A' says: "I think XYZ' (XYZ being against the commonly held line/opinion)."
Secularist says: "Well you're entitled to your opinion". (thus dismissing the idea, and consequently labelling 'A' as inferior, a detractor from the party line, an inferior who cannot understand the party line, a childish rebel rebelling against the party line just to be different).

Thus all debate with such people who are unwilling to engage in honest conversation, expressing their views and willing to admit they are wrong, is pointless, and quite possibly damaging to your sense of self, your sense of rational, as they will simply undermine you at every opportunity.  Their only desire is to prove you wrong.  Reason doesnt come into it.

Debate with these people is nothing more than two dogs barking at each other in the night.  Animal noises, inflection, body language, posturing.  Reason is of no value to these people.

Value reason.

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