Saturday, 28 July 2012

Secular Systems and Societies:

Secular equals a fixed unchanging value system that is known by the population, fixed (i.e. it professes that the universe is fixed, unchanging, thus unchangeable.  This view denies God.  It denies His ability to create things.  Thus this view is more feminine than masculine (using male female as a binary comparative tool NB, females are capable of creative action, simply, at present, not as much as males - particularly high grade males - the number of innovators is evidence to this).  This is why the secular view is more prominent/evident at the core of any Empire, because Empires are feminine at the core.

'Everything is known, the rest is just window dressing'.  This is the view of those who adhere to the secular view, and they will dismiss, then undermine, then belittle, then attack those who claim any view that is contrary to the secular view.  This applies to all commonly held perceptions.  Adults are capable of reasoned discussion, and considering the possibility that their view is incorrect.  Children are not.  They will attack those who refute their claims, their beliefs, that have been handed down to them like second hand clothing.

This secular mentality also explains why people who believe in it, do not actually engage in activities out of love (like love of reading, hiking, painting etc), but they simply 'play' at it, like children 'playing' at doctors and nurses.  Secular types will 'play' at charity, or 'play' at being interested in the economy, or 'play' at discussing the social problems of the impoverished.  They have no desire to really engage in the activities, to determine truth for themselves, for they already have their views courtesy of the secular state.

Race, gender, metaphysics, global warming/climate change, charity to third world countries, eugenics, euthanasia, the death penalty, hollow earth theory, extraterrestrial beings, the spiritual merits of magic mushrooms, ancient alien theory, anything.  The entire pantheon of secular society has already determined your views.  You're not even permitted to consider, to even consider the possibility that there is an alternative, for to do so is heresy; and it certain people that means self punishment for thinking such heretical thoughts.  And I must add, it 'is' secular, for it denies the existence of God.  Even in the various subcultures which comprise the secular society (which is in reality one giant oppressive culture) some freedom is permitted because there aren't laws governing every aspect of life and thought.

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