Saturday, 16 June 2012

Circular/Cyclical Production is More Efficient that Piece-Meal Production:

Circular/Cyclical Production is More Efficient that Piece-Meal Production.

Factory mass production/line production.

It’s possibly related/connected to the Taoist, taking whole.

The division of labour identifies individual parts of the production chain, and gives the tasks to different people (specialisation).  Mass (line) production views the process as continual, rather than piecemeal.

(This entry was inspired by Celtic swordsman (name unknown), who was showing Neil Oliver about Celtic swords and swordplay on the programme Coast (BBC) or possibly one of his Celtic history programmes, I cant recall which.) who used swirling techniques/moves rather than individual moves (e.g. cutting actions).  The circular motion utilises the properties of the sword (weight and length, force etc) and natural laws (force, gravity etc) to move the sword around, which is more efficient than putting together a combination of different, set piece, individual moves (e.g. chop, thrust, parry etc).

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