Sunday, 24 June 2012

Brain Structure:

The brain is both dualistic and tri partite.(binary and ternary).  Binary is left hemisphere versus right hemisphere; ternary is developmental i.e. the hind brain, the meso cortex, and the neo cortex.  Thus ternary is contingent i.e. the previous laws (in this case the structures of the brain) must be respected i.e. they cannot be replaced wholesale by a new structure).  Te neo cortex cannot exist without the former two, but the former two can exist without the neo cortex.  Hence the contingent structure of the brain means that new components that are not productive or acceptable can be rejected without compromising the previously accepted laws (the neo cortex could, if proven unnecessary, be rejected leaving the meso and hind brain to continue).  For instance lobotomies remove only the personality component of a person, not their fundamental functioning’s (such as heart rate, basic social skill set etc).

Binary, however, is not subject to Contingent Laws: one can exist without the other, and many people have lived using just one hemisphere of their brain.  Thus duality is only useful as a tool of comparison, and it is not, not, a fundamental law of nature/cosmos, in respect to growth and creation.  Therefore ternary is corollary or somehow related to contingency, and is thus more important than the binary/dualistic laws of the cosmos.  This means metaphysical systems that are based on duality are, alas, fundamentally flawed.  It is debatable whether they could be saved, for their entire structure is based on a fundamental A not-A (yin yang) duality, which underwrites everything.

Dualistic/binary views are only useful as a tool of comparison/Contrast, not for drawing a structure of the cosmos.  Ternary permits development (the future in relation to the present, and the past), binary only allows two states, you can be one or the other, nothing else.

'There is always a third choice.'

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