Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Blood is Thicker than a Paper Treaty:

Atleast in regards to the Turks anyhow (though probably, almost certainly, applicable to other nations):

'In the Armenian chronicles of Matthew of Edessa Pechenegs are mentioned a couple of times. The first mention is in chapter 75, where it says that in the year 499 (according to the old Armenian calendar - years 1050-51 according to the Gregorian calendar) the Badzinag nation made a great destruction in many states of Rome, i.e. the Byzantine territories. The second is in chapter 103, which is about the Battle of Manzikert. In that chapter it is told that the allies of Rome, Padzunak and Uz (some branches of the Oghuz Turks tribes which changed their sides at the peak of the battle and began fighting against the Byzantine forces, (side by side with the Seljuk Turks).'

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