Wednesday, 9 May 2012

NDEs and the Characters that Populate them:

PMH Atwater describes the NDE characters (Jesus, Buddha Abraham etc) of NDE stories as meeting people or shapes that you'd expect to meet.  This could be compared to dream like states where visual images have emotional associations, in much the same way as words have abstract definitions.  The images, or NDE characters, are place holders which represent certain concepts and/or emotions and are entirely unique to that individual.  There are of course some general cultural tendencies among populations, as is to be expected, as may individuals share similar concepts/emotions towards similar beliefs, situations, people, objects etc e.g. Jesus equals saviour; Mary equals Mother of God; Fire equals pain; Sulphur equals malodorous.)

The question of how much these concepts/images are standards throughout the universe is uncertain (to me).  If they are standardised, then that would probably be a results of Gods will, thus they are unalterable.  This is worth mentioning because people born blind who have experienced NDE's have reported seeing colours, which is something that may be worth exploring, i.e. how much of the world is hard coded with associations, definitions and such, like a dictionary, either for good or bad (if you want to phrase it as such)

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