Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Instant Polling in the Media:

Instant polling, which is used in order to adjust policies or the image of a political party or how it perceived by the public so that the policy can be 'rebranded' or modified slightly so that it is readily accepted is comparable to female 'testing' and micro assessment - of facial expressions and body language.  Which women use as a tool to determine wheter or not what they are saying is offending (offensive to the other person.  Examples of assessment could be a proposal by a women to go shopping to whihch the man display s disgust, thus the women will adjust her method of persuasion (possibly from beseaching to nagging) so that she is successful ine her intended goal.  Her only desire is to sshopping, thus shw will use any method to disarm the males defences, and try to force him into capitulatating and acceding to her demands.

If you want to see women micro assessing another person, simply follow the womans eyes, and see how quickly they move from side to side as they appraise the other persons responses to what they say.  The faster they move then the more information they are trying to acquire.  Quite often this is coupled with excess smiling (possibly used as a tool to try and disarm the male).  Camp or, effiminate men (think Jamie Oliver the chef, Chris Martin from Coldplay) may also display this or similar behaviour.

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