Friday, 18 May 2012

Idiots who Fail to Discriminate the Need for Understanding from Pity:

The individual who is seeking understanding is not seeking sympathy bordering on pity. 

When the idiot cocks their head to one side and goes 'ahhh'; the idiot thinks you 'need to blow off steam' or are 'just seeking some attiention' therefore your claims/statements/observations are totally irrelevant.  Such an attitude thwarts the individuals desire to seek understanding, and may go on to think his claims are unjust, absurd, ridiculous, thus his psyche is artificially retarded (used in the strictest sense of the word).  This also bodes ill for his future ability to communicate with 'fellow' men, or even indeed his faith in his own ability to discriminate between right and wrong.  In one sense, the idiots could have gained a foothold on his psyche and began the process of 'converting' him to their 'correct' ways.

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