Saturday, 12 May 2012


Picture a circle with a number of increasingly smaller circles located within it.  At the edge of the circle is located the brutish bully boy males (think of the thuggish types that are commonly raised by single woman headed households).  At the core is the woman, self centered, avaricious deceitful.  The gaps between the exterior bully boys and the central avaricious women are interpolated increasingly or decreasingly feminine or masculine versions of the two dominant types.  For example toward the male end could be manufacturers, resource collectors.  Toward the female could be tradesmen, entertainers, politicians.

The model is applicable in both geographical and temporal senses.  Geographically, an easy comparison would be to Rome, with the core containing the Coliseum, and the grain hungry plebeians.  At the edge would be the military garrison along the borders with the Picts in Scotland.  The avaricious female toward the centre; the bully boy male toward the periphery.  In temporal terms, you simply need to draw a line across the diameter of the circles, and that simply represents your timeline.  As you progress along the timeline from left to right, from the early days of the Empire through its 'glory days' to the violent downfall, you can see how it mirrors the diameter, a cross section if you like, of the circular diagram.

Empires exist on different scales, from tribal and familial levels, up to continent wide civilisations.  It is irrelevant what size the Empire is, how many people are involved in it, or how long the timeframe is that spans it's rise, halcyon days, and final crumble.  Nor does it matter the types of thuggary used; any degrees of violence constitute the formation of an Empire.

All Empires die.  They commonly burn up their own populations in their lifetime, destroying the indigenous population from which they were born.  Think of how the native Romans/Latins were replaced by immigrant from the Middle East (this is evident by the contrasting populations of North and South Italy) as they died fighting the wars and expanding the Empire.  After time, laws were enacted to try and rebuild the population by promoting population growth, but this effort was made worthless by the plantation method (which denies freedom) of farming that dominated the Italian peninsula.  All human laws that oppose freedom, and do not provide a facility for increased ability of the basic expression of existence, creativity and willfullness, will eventually contribute and lead to the downfall of the native population, and all populations to which the laws are applied.

The Mediterranean culture of bull fighting using effeminately dressed Matadors is a prime example of this process.  The Matador (cunning, but not intelligent, woman) plays with the bull (the mentally dull, but powerful, bull), tossing his cape and humiliating him in a public arena.  After the bull has been depleted of its energy, it is slain.  The Matador has won.  The Matador then goes on to play with the next bull, and repeats the cycle all over again. 

The Matador is the woman, and the bull is the dull witted man (or a man who has been psychically attacked by a woman and degraded).  Once the woman has killed, or depleted (domesticated and infantisilised) the man, she will move on to the next beast and repeat the process.  The whore of Babylon may well be a good analogy, though I have not read the Book of Revelations, so I cannot comment on how accurate it may or may not be.

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