Sunday, 6 May 2012

Asking Questions:

If you ask a question, then it is because you are in a states of wantoness, i.e. you want  or need the answer, which in turn is evidence that of duality, not unity ergo you are not of God/CGW (Creative Generative Will).  However, if the question and subsequent answer produces and increase the the individuals willfulness, or somehow facilitates an increase in the quality of the environment which can beget more wilful beings, then the question cannot be bad, or more generally, questioning cannot be a bad thing.

(Philip Dick had a theory on how we humans have wilfully placed ourselves in the corporeal world and have forsaken our knowledge in order to raise' the lower realms from its state of depravity.  This forsaking of knowledge, temporary amnesia, could be a useful way of understanding why asking questions (which is indicative of wantonness) is not strictly speaking true, since we already have the knowledge, it's just that we need to rediscover it.).

Asking questions and receiving answers is also a useful method of forcing presence of mind on the individual, and thus is a means and not an end.

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