Friday, 4 May 2012

Actionary : Reactionary (some Examples from Human Life):

Some examples from human beings and their body language.  An active person would perform the first action, and the 'reactionary' would imitate them, though the imitation would be slightly different in some way.

Males are commonly more actionary than females, who are commonly more reactionary than males.

Males might find reactionary body language attractive in females, and females might find actionary body lanugage attractive in males.

Actionary:      Smile (both sides of the mouth raised).
Reactionary:   Smirk (one side of the mouth raised).

Actionary:      Hair centrally parted, both eyes uncovered, hair worn straight down the back.
Reactionary:   Hair side parted, one eye obfuscated/partially covered, hair worn over one shoulder and down the back.

Actionary:      Head upright, looking forward.
Reactionary:   Head tilted, eyes looking off centre.

Actionary:      Arms crossed firmly over chest.
Reactionary:   Fingers lightly touching each other over the stomach.

Actionary:      Both legs straight, feet firmly on the floor.
Reactionary:   One leg slightly kinky, one foot slightly elevated off of the floor.

Actionary:      Arms relaved, hands clasped together over groin, no movement, shoulder straight.
Reactionary:   Arms slightly raised, fingers touching lightly over stomach, slightly upper torso rotation, shoulders curved in.

Actionary:      Frowning or scowling, ie both eyebrows downward (at a doubtful statement made by another person).
Reactionary:   One raised eyebrow (at a doubtful statement made by another person).

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