Monday, 30 April 2012

You Cannot Face God and Survive:

Imagine you are standing on a flat plain.  All around you is a feint blue light, humming, vibrating. Behind you the light grow increasingly faint.  Infront of you the light grow stronger.  In the distance ahead of you is a ball, circle, dot of light more intense that that which surrounds you.  You walk toward the light, which becomes brighter, increasingly intense.  The vibrating pulsing noise becomes stronger, more high pitched.  If you were to continue walking toward the light, it would soon become unbearable you would be unable to cope.  Your eyes and ears could not withstand the intensity of it.  Should you try to do so you would ultimately be destroyed.  The light, which is pure will, the breath of God if you like, is too strong for any mortal or immortal to withstand  As God's will is so powerful that none can withstand it and survive. The individual would be disintgrated and his remains would become at one with Gods will, the light, and be blown back into the direction form where the individual just came from.  Eventually, the former parts (bits of willfullness, Godliness) would becomes what they intend/will to be.  This is the way of things.  Praise be to God.

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